Four Undervalued Retirement Strategies

Four Undervalued Retirement Strategies

The Challenges of Reaching the Average Person in Sports Nutrition

In the field of sports nutrition, they face two challenges when developing new products.  

  1. Finding ingredients that work.  
  1. Packaging those ingredients into a product that the consumers understand and are willing to buy.  

It is possible for consumers to read the latest scientific research and implement their findings by purchasing the ingredients online. The average consumer is not likely to do this because the individual ingredients are unflavored and relatively expensive.

This results in a limited audience for these ingredients because their benefit does not justify the time and effort required to study and source them. 

This means new ingredients are not widely utilized until they can be packaged in a way that is appealing and cost-effective to the average consumer. Sports nutrition companies must create a product around the new ingredient and communicate the benefits in a way the average person understands.

They also must ensure their product is effective, reasonably priced, and tastes good to maintain their credibility as a brand.  

The Challenges of Reaching the Average Person Planning for Retirement

Something similar happens in retirement planning. There are strategies that can be beneficial to your retirement plan but are not widely adopted. This can be due to a lack of understanding of the benefits or an uncertainty of how to implement them. 

Unless they are working with a trusted advisor who can explain these concepts in a way they understand, the average retiree will forgo these strategies. An advisor can show how these strategies are combined into an overarching retirement plan and allows them to make informed decisions after seeing the potential benefits.  

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts


Four Undervalued Retirement Planning Strategies 

1. Global Diversification

A globally diversified portfolio is often unappealing given the recent outperformance in the US stock market. This trend could continue, but there is benefit in looking to invest in companies outside of the United States.  

2. Delaying Social Security

For those who have the luxury to postpone claiming their social security, the potential benefit of their financial plan can be massive. Often how it is framed can lead to individuals want to claim it sooner rather than later.  

3. Long-Term Care (LTC) Insurance

There is a high probability you or your partner may need some form of LTC. But people are often hesitant to buy something they may not need or use.

4. Estate Planning

Ensuring your affairs are in order. This may seem obvious, but many people postpone estate planning because they do not want to come to terms with things. It is an advisor’s job to help them through this process.  

These items may not be appealing but can be beneficial when incorporated into your retirement plan. Even if you decide against using these strategies it would be prudent to explore their potential benefits. Following a financial planning process ensures you review your earlier decisions and determine if your position in any area has changed.

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